Autism Support Classrooms Achieve “Model” Status

The PATTAN Autism Initiative supports many Autism Support classrooms across the state, including classrooms here at Pace School.  The Initiative provides teachers and classroom staff with training in research based techniques and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to help provide a learning environment that is effective and efficient at teaching critical language and academic skills to students.

For the 2014-15 school year, there are roughly 450 classrooms participating in the program across the state of Pennsylvania.  Every classroom is reviewed twice a year by an accredited Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who scores the classroom on its implementation of the research based elements needed for a successful Autism Support classroom.  A status is awarded by the state based on this score. Of the 450 participants, only 43 have achieved “model” status, meaning they consistently scored 80% or above on their site review. There are only 51 Autism Support classrooms who have achieved a “model independent” status having consistently scored 90% or better on their site reviews. “Model” and “model independent” classrooms are both able to serve as observation sites for other schools.  Additionally, “model independent” classrooms no longer require ongoing consultation from the Initiative having demonstrated that they can successfully run an Autism Support classroom independent of additional supports.

Pace is proud to announce that our Moon In-School District classroom has achieved “model independent” status and one of our Pace School classrooms has achieved “model” status.

Pace Staff at the National Autism Conference 2014


Lacey Bailey and Kim Cowell, share their case study entitled: Teaching Typing as a Topographical Response Form for Tact Acquisition. PATTAN Autism Initiative ABA Supports: Jolin Jackson, Miguel Ampuero and Mike Miklos collaborated on study.


Amy Dilatush and Tom Miller present “Training Staff to Implement Research Validated Instructional Strategies through the Use of Behavior Analytic Principles” at the conference.

Autism_Conf_Peer to Peer

Maureen Archer served on
a panel presenting”Peer to Peer Manding”.





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