Our Model

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On a daily basis, Pace School programs integrate educational and mental /behavioral health services for each child. Our efforts are guided by science and driven by the voice of the child. 

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Students in all Pace programs require services above and beyond those available in traditional classrooms.  We believe that we prevent failure and assure success in learning by scaffolding supports and building positive relationships.  By blending both academic and behavioral services into their learning environment students can achieve maximum benefits including:

  • Improvements in academic, school and life- management skills
  • Return to public school, ready to learn!
  • Diversion from psychiatric or in-patient hospitalizations.

An important aspect of our model is Positive Learning and Integrated Design (PLAID)This innovative programming created by Pace is a holistic model that weaves mental wellness, social positive behavior and acedemics into every lesson. We believe that kids can and that PLAID will lead to better outcomes for our students. 

At Pace, we believe in creating a trauma sensitive environment.  Our organization was an early leader in bringing this concept into a school based setting.  The goal is to create a secure environment where children can feel safe while learning to understand their own experiences and change the way they respond to them.

We are committed to Evidence Based instructional and behavioral practices.  These practices are evident in our use of scientifically based early reading programs, verbal behavior programming, positive behavioral interventions and supports, professional development, PA Core Standards aligned IEP’s, and more.