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21st CentryAt Pace, we help students develop the 21st Century Skills necessary for their future success and independence. Our vision is that students gain knowledge and skills that will lead them to an independent, self-determined and productive life. Their future and independence includes the ability to make and maintain healthy relationships and to gain meaningful employment.

Students  referred to Pace School experience difficulty demonstrating many of the learning and life 21st century skills. For students with emotional/behavioral disorders and/or Autism, these skills can be difficult to develop.


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A holistic approach that weaves academic and functional skills, mental wellness, and positive social behavior into every lesson is the most efficient and effective method to have the greatest impact and lead to better outcomes for our students.

At Pace we believe all KIDS CAN learn and have success in the future!

Based on positive psychology and a growth mindset, we know that with a combination of effective strategies and perseverance students CAN become better prepared for future challenges .