Character Elements of PLAID

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What threads do we use to weave this PLAID tapestry?

The PLAID (Positive Learning and Integrated Design) tapestry is woven by intentionally teaching eight charGR2acter elements. 



The first three, Gratitude, Respect and Responsibility are the foundation of the Pace Positive Behavior Support System, named GR2 (pronounced G-R Squared).






GratGratitude – Finding and sharing the good in the world around us

respectRespect – Valuing all people and property



Responsibility – Acting to positively impact ourselves and others

Staff and students in each classroom create a matrix of what these behavioral and social expectations look like, sound like, and feel like. These matrixes consist of examples for each of the GR2 areas and are posted in classrooms. GR2 is woven into the students’ daily learning throughout the year.

The other five elements, Curiosity, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Grit and Optimism are incorporated into the unit/lesson format. Below the elements are defined along with behaviors on which they focus:


Curiosity - Exploring and being open to new things.

  • Is eager to explore new things
  • Asks and answers questions to deepen understanding
  • Actively listens to others



Empathy – Understanding and feeling what others experience.

  • Demonstrating understanding for the feelings of others
  • Knowing when and how to include others
  • Speaking out and stepping in to help others

EnthusiasmEnthusiasm – Participating with eagerness and passion

  • Actively participating
  • Showing eagerness
  • Invigorating others

GritGrit – Persevering towards goals

  • Finishing whatever he or she begins
  • Trying very hard after experiencing failure
  • Working independently with focus


Optimism – Being hopeful and confident about possibilities

  • Getting over setbacks and frustrations easily
  • Believing that effort will improve his/her future
  • Having goals for the future