Creative Arts

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Why Creative Arts?
In addition to the hands-on learning that occurs in the classroom, every student participates in a variety of Creative Arts classes. Each of these classes provides the student with age and developmentally appropriate activities designed to:

  • increase fine and gross motor skills
  • encourage creativity
  • gain appreciation and understanding of the physical world
  • develop a sense of fair play and sportsmanship
  • encourage life-long learning and leisure activities 

Cloud Creative Arts

Pace offers the following Creative Arts Classes:

  • Art – Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, 3-d Design, Screen printing
  • Music – Theory, Percussion, Vocal, Music Production
  • Videography – Stop Motion Animation
  • Technology – Basic skills, Internet Safety, Microsoft Office, Coding
  • Physical Education – Movement, Leisure, Sports, Athletics
  • Daily Living /Skills – Cooking, Sewing,​​​​
    Child Development, Functional
    LivingSkills, Healthy Living