Ancient Egypt lesson
Laurenti classroom practices hieroglyphics for their New 2 You lesson about Ancient Egypt!
National Bullying Day
Celebrating National Stop Bullying Day by practicing Respect, Responsibility & Safety!
Learning to Plant Trees
The Kunkle Classroom Learns about the Importance of Strong Roots. . . .
through planting a new Dogwood in the garden!
News2You lesson Disney World's 50th
The Owens Classroom Celebrates Disney World's 50th with shaving cream artwork!
All part of their New2You lesson.
Vinyl Laser Printer
Our LEAF Program Students will create with the vinyl laser printer through the Inventionland curriculum.
Together. Grateful. Stronger.
Learning to Bake
Learning to bake & cook . . . good independent skills to learn!
Our K- AGE 21 PROGRAM model helps prevent failure for children and assures learning success by scaffolding supports and building positive relationships.

Through blended academic and social emotional learning and individualized planning, each student travels a unique path toward success. As an early leader in bringing trauma-informed care into school-based setting, we make it our goal to maintain a safe environment where students learn. Our model helps to prevent failure for children and assures success in learning by scaffolding supports and building positive relationships.
Developing a growth mindset helps our students believe they CAN! 

program chart

K-21 Programs

Programming that enables every child to thrive and to learn.

Extended School Year

The goal of this program is for students to maintain previously acquired or learned skills identified within their Individualized Education Program (IEP).

COVID-19 Information

Updates and resources related to the COVID-19 Pandemic response