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    The following link is the Health and Safety Plan to reopen Pace School for in-person instruction for all students for the 2020-2021 school year. The most frequently asked questions and concerns posed by parents/guardians and staff are answered in this document.

    HEALTH AND SAFETY 2020/21 REOPENING PLAN - FAQ (Updated as of 8_6_20)

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Learning & Additional Resources

Last Updated: 4/6/2020 5:36 PM

Learning, Activities & Mental Health Resources:

Remote Learning

Above is the icon for access to the remote learning page where links and materials for the Remote Learning Plan will be provided.

Below are some other resources that parents might find helpful during the school closure related to the COVID-19 or during anytime with school is in or out of session.

May Mindfulness Activities Calendar

Internet Service Program Options - Free Services & Low Cost 

National Alliance of Mental Health of PA COVID-19 Resources

Speech Resources from Pace's Speech Therapist

Fred Rogers' Center

Scholastic Learn at Home

Mental Health First Aid

Fluency & Fitness

The Maker Shop Show

Adventures in Familyhood: 20 Virtual Field trips

First Energy's Electric Universe Learning Center

Confident parents/confident kids article:  My kid's school is closed, so now what?

YMCA360.org: Free online classes 

Thrive Inside - Mindfulness

How Mindfulness can help during COVID-19

Harry Potter at Home



Additional Resources:

Pace Parent Corner Newsletter

This newsletter is put together by our social workers as a source of information and helpful hints for parents. Please check monthly for the latest issues!

The Pennsylvania ABLE Savings Program is an great, low-cost saving vehicle that allows people with disabilities and their families to have greater control of their finances and plan for the future. It does not count against any federal needs-base benefits and you can save up to $100,000 without affecting SSI benefits. The following links to a PA ABLE information session at Pace provide additional details.

PA ABLE Session - Part I
PA ABLE Session - Part II
PA ABLE Session - Part III

Sensory Inclusive App:

Kulture City, a non-profit working toward inclusion of children with autism, now offers a free app for locating resources, help and sensory inclusive locations.


Headspace App:

Headspace is a clinically researched app for meditation exercises and their site has information on meditation. If you are interested check it out at https://www.headspace.com/