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CEO's Message

Every parent wants his or her child to have a bright and productive future. Sometimes, children experience emotional, behavioral, or social challenges that parents fear may push that goal out of reach, leaving their child behind academically and left out socially.


At Pace, we believe in partnering with the child, family, school district and behavioral/mental health providers to develop an individualized program for every student.  We use curriculum, strategies and practices proven to achieve the best results in helping children break through barriers and achieve success. 

Our team approach relies on data to monitor progress and drive decisions, and we are committed to approaching challenges positively as problems to be solved in helping students grow and achieve success. Students learn life skills designed  to close academic achievement gaps as well as how to communicate needs, wants and emotions that promote the development of positive and lasting relationships  and allow for community integration.  

Pace’s highly trained staff are committed to helping every child progress at a rate appropriate for maximizing his or her potential.  Our goal is to redefine the learning experience for each child from one of failure and frustration to one of success and self-confidence.

Whether child, parent, or professional we hope you find the information available on the Pace website helpful. We encourage you to click on the “contact us” tab if you would like to receive additional information or would like to request a tour of one of our programs. 

Together, we can help any child thrive!


Karen B. Shepherd

Pace School CEO Transition Announcement 2024