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Social, Emotional, Learning . . .
Take deep breaths in the time it takes to trace your hand!
First Day 2
2022-23 School Year theeme
At Pace, our APPROACH is to help students develop the 21st Century skills necessary for their future success and independence.

Our vision is for students to gain knowledge and skills that will lead them to an independent, self-determined and productive life. Their future and independence includes the ability to make and maintain healthy relationships and to gain meaningful employment.

Based on positive psychology and a growth mindset, we know that with a combination of effective strategies and perseverance students CAN become better prepared for future challenges .

21st century skills

Along with PLAID, Pace provides a trauma sensitive environment, where students feel secure and safe while learning.

Children begin to understand their own experiences and change the way they respond to them. 

As an early leader in bringing this concept into a school-based setting, we make it our goal to maintain a trauma sensitive environment every day.


PLAID (Positive Learning and Integrated Design) weaving of academic and functional skills with social emotional learning for students.

STEAM & Hands-on Learning

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math lessons, an integrated teaching approach that requires the intentional connection of learning objectives. 

Autism Supports

Every child with ASD is an individual, and like all individuals, has a unique personality and combination of characteristics that are considered in the learning process.